Coaching morning shows and mentoring content directors in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Host of the successful podcast series “radio:Game Changers”, co-author of the book “radio:Game Changers” Insights and lessons from the world’s best broadcasters. Speaker at RadioDays Europe, Next Radio London, Commercial Radio Australia’s Radio Alive 2019 and the Canadian Music festival 2018.

Game Changers: Radio
The Podcast

Hosted by Craig, Game Changers: Radio gives you access to intimate conversations with those who have known success and failure in their radio careers.

Game Changers: Radio
The Book

After 100 hundred episodes of Game Changers: Radio, Craig Bruce and Jay Mueller have decided to write a book. Game Changers: Radio: Insights and lessons from the world’s best radio broadcasters and programmers combines the wisdom of the best in the radio business, and maybe include a little of their own as well.

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Get a little sunshine in your life with @ash_london NEW: Game Changers at Home – Ash London

An absolute honour to be included in Craig’s podcast! Loved this chat. If you’re thinking you need to plan your radio exit, I hope this helps. #gamechangersradio #careerchange

Really enjoyed this chat with @rich__spencer a super smart guy with a great perspective on taking control of your career NEW: Game Changers at Home – Richard Spencer

Last July I wrote a blog about leaving radio and moving into a whole new career. It’s here – Tomorrow, you can hear me chatting about it with @cb_bruce on his #GameChangersRadio at Home podcast. #radio #careerchange #dereg #deregulation

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